Darragh Doyle

Social Media Strategist,

Darragh Doyle is inspired by kindness. His work as Head of Communications with EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum means he meets and hears the stories of great Irish people and people of Irish descent abroad and at home who have a positive impact on their communities and on society. EPIC was voted Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction in the 2019 World Travel Awards, ahead of the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, the Acropolis and Buckingham Palace among others. He will share some insights about this campaign.

Darragh uses social media and the internet to share those stories, to find inspiration and to learn as much as possible. He believes that content online should be good to know, that we should rebel against fake news and fauxtrage and that the key component of using all new online technologies is cultivating good old-fashioned communication skills. He is passionate about literacy, about Ireland being a welcoming place and about being a loving dad and friend.