Melissa Dunne

Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Repak

Melissa Dunne is a Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Repak. Repak is a not for profit organisation with a social mission. Their purpose on behalf of their Members is to lead the recycling and sustainability of Ireland’s packaging waste; advocate for a new circular economy; and educate businesses and consumers on reducing and recycling packaging.

Melissa has a background in developing and delivering social media and digital campaigns in the financial and environmental sector. Melissa is responsible for developing and implementing Repak’s digital marketing strategy and strategic social media marketing plan which targets both B2B and B2C audiences. She is very passionate about all things digital, having received a first class honours in her MSc in Digital Marketing and Analytics from TUD in 2021.

Melissa works with all departments of the organisation to ensure digital communications are innovative, accessible and fit with the overall integrated marketing and communications strategy.